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The IMCALTEX Group is a globally recognized and one of the most trust worthy consultancy agency in India. IMCALTEX Group is in the business of providing consulting services for international trade industry. Founded by a visionary entrepreneur with 40 years experience, we are a full-service, integrated international trade solutions provider.

Our expertise lies in our ability to provide consulting services to setup new business, improve exiting EXIM business, services in global sourcing, services to develop & market products and services, Trade Advisory, Project Management, Brand Promotion, Buyer Verification, Risk Management and Recovery handling in the international trade industry, as well as in providing exceptional training and services. We have a highly skilled team of professionals with expertise in strategic planning, negotiation, sourcing, sales & marketing, operations, logistics, services, product management, key accounts management, channel management, partner handling, and team management.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to develop new prospects, opportunities, and markets, and to ensure that our customers are well-positioned for success.

We Provide

Training and Mentorship

Corporate Training
Exim Training
Individual Training
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Business Setup (2)
Business Setup

We provide Business setup services for creating and establishing a new commercial venture with the necessary procedures and legal requirements.

Global Sourcing
Global Sourcing

Our Global sourcing services is the strategic approach of procuring goods, services, or components from local and international suppliers to enhance cost-effectiveness and access global markets with quality products.

Import Export Trading
Import Export Trading

We offer Import-export trading consulting services to any individual or entity for the business activity of buying and selling goods or services across international borders.

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Trade Advisory

Our Trade advisory services provides expert guidance and consultation to businesses and individuals on matters related to international trade, including market analysis, trade regulations, customs procedures, and trade policy.

Exim Services Consultancy (2)
Exim Services Consultancy

Exim Services Consultancy is a professional service that assists businesses in navigating the complexities of international trade, including export and import procedures, customs compliance, logistics management, and market analysis.

Management Consultancy 1
Management Consultancy

Management consultancy is a professional service that provides expert advice, guidance, and solutions to organizations to improve their performance, efficiency, and improve overall management practices.

Project Management
Project Management

Our Project management services involves planning, organizing, and executing a set of tasks and activities to achieve specific goals within defined constraints, such as time, budget, and resources.

Pricing Strategy
Pricing Strategy

Our Pricing strategy services refer to the approach and methodology used by businesses to set the optimal price for their products or services, considering factors such as market dynamics, competition, cost structures, and customer perception.

Brand Promotion
Brand Promotion

Brand promotion involves the strategic activities and tactics employed by businesses to create awareness, increase visibility, and enhance the reputation of their brand among the target audience.

Environmental Consultancy (2)
Environmental Consultancy

Environmental consultancy is a professional service that provides expertise and advice to businesses and organizations on environmental issues, sustainability practices, compliance with regulations, and mitigation of environmental impacts.

Export Finance Consultancy (2)
Export Finance Consultancy

Export finance consultancy provides expert guidance and support to businesses engaged in international trade, helping them optimize their financial strategies, secure export financing, and mitigate risks associated with cross-border transactions.

Business Setup
Overseas Business setup

Overseas business setup refers to the process of establishing and expanding a business presence in a foreign country, including legal registrations, market analysis, infrastructure setup, and operational arrangements.

Information Technology Consultancy​ (2)

Information Technology Consultancy

Information technology consultancy involves providing expert advice, solutions, and guidance to businesses on utilizing technology effectively, optimizing IT infrastructure, and leveraging digital tools to improve operations, productivity, and competitiveness. Our IT services also includes developement of Websites, Webportals, Software applications and Mobile Applications for your business.



Marketing services include the strategic process of promoting products or services, identifying target audiences, creating awareness, and fostering customer engagement to drive sales and achieve business objectives.

Buyer Verification (2)

Buyer Verification

Our Buyer verification process refers to the process of confirming the credibility, identity, and financial capability of potential buyers before entering into business transactions or agreements.

Product Research (2)

Product Research

Product research is the systematic investigation and analysis of market trends, customer preferences, and competitor offerings to gather insights and information for the development, improvement, or introduction of new products.

International Trade and Relationship (2)

International Trade and Relationship

Our International trade and relationship services refer to the interconnectedness and collaboration between countries and businesses in conducting cross-border trade, fostering economic cooperation, and maintaining diplomatic and commercial ties.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are strategic business partnerships between two or more companies, combining resources, expertise, and capital to pursue a specific project or venture while sharing risks, profits, and control.

Risk management (2)

Risk management

Risk management involves the systematic process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks to minimize the impact of uncertain events on an organization's objectives and operations.

Recovery Handling (2)

Recovery Handling

Our recovery handling services include support and strategize the recovery of receivables from the oversease party involved in International Trade and which lies as a dormant receiveables account.



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Machine Industry
Engineering Products
Medical Equipment
Fertilizer Industries
Industrial Fasteners
Industrial Fasteners
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Industrial Valves
Construction Material
Paint and Abrasives
Pharma Products
Metals and Minerals
Agro Products
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